A funeral is in honour of the person and is a ceremony that is a celebration of their life. I promise to deliver a beautiful professional service that celebrates their life and character in a fitting personal tribute. The service will be created by the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased and their Family.

When a loved one dies it is always a very painful and distressing time and there are inevitably hard decisions to be made around the  funeral. I will try to help by reducing some of the pain by delivering a heart felt and personal service on the day.

Funeral Service

When using a funeral Director please let them know you have chosen me as your celebrant.

As soon as the date and time have been arranged and confirmed with them they will contact me to make necessary arrangements.

With a date and time confirmed I will call you with in 24hrs to arrange a visit with you and your Family at a time convenient to you either at home or a chosen location. We will discuss and gather all the necessary details about your loved ones life, ensuring that we create an uplifting ceremony that encompasses all your needs and truly reflects your loved ones life.

The service is a totally unique and personal tribute and can be religious or none religious it can include personal stories, poems, prayers, or readings. it is also possible to arrange slide shows or live music or any other requirements that you may have. You can have up to three pieces music from any genre.

Once the service has been created I will meet with you again to approve the service. This is to ensure that you are fully aware of the order and proceedings of the day. On the day, I will meet with you and your family and love ones at the crematorium or chosen resting place. You will also receive a commemorative keepsake copy of the service